Pricing Details

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Pack Name {{each_pack.PackageType}}
Amount 3250 5990 6990 8800
Upfront Payment Price 3250
Initial Deposit (paid on commencement) 1000
2ndpayment 1000
3rdpayment 1250
Coach Communicator
Personal Brochure
Total College Exposure
Video Hosting & Promotion
Social Media Marketing
Personal Website & Promotion
Overseas Support, guidance & assistance
Discounts on SAT tutoring & travel/health insurance
Package top up option
Personal AAA email address
Personal AAA Agent
AAA official endorsement of sports result
AAA official endorsement of sports level
AAA Nike "Recruit" training shirt
Video editing & Hosting (120 min)
College Athlete Profile
Travel & Itinerary Plans & Preparation
Academic Scholarship Search
GPA analysis
Core course & transcript evaluation
Eligibility Assistance
SAT assistance
Visa & International Document Assistance
Injury & Illness Insurance
AAA Payment Plan Option
AAA full 50 step process
Athlete Pack including (bag, cap ....)
Collection & Verification of 3rd party reports
Video editing & Hosting (300 min)
College Athlete Video Editing & Website promotion
Preferred College search
Written private school gurantee
Pre-Qualification Athletic Eligibility
International Document Accreditation
College Deferment Option
Professional Contract Clause
End Game Assistant
AAA Media Release
Transfer Assistance
Paid AAA Work Experience
Discounted USA experience tours
Discounted camp attendance
Certified SAT & ACT tutoring program
Pre College fitness program
Insurance PLUS
Duration 365 (days) 365 (days) 365 (days) 365 (days)
Payment Register Register Register Register